Daily dose of inspiration: Love

Daily dose of inspiration: Love

SilverMylarLoveI was a very lucky kid growing up in that my mom celebrated all holidays with extreme enthusiasm, including half birthdays.  Btw, I realized this year that no one else celebrated half birthdays.  When Adam and I set the date for the wedding we were back and forth between two dates, but the one we settled on and kept coming back happens to be my half birthday.  When I share this fun little fact with anyone, I just get a confused stare.  Sad for them, because half birthday rock.

Anyway…I had to smile this morning when I woke to both facebook and text messages from my mom wishing me a Happy Valentines Day and lots of love and it made me smile and reminded me that to me Valentines Day was never about showing one special person that you love them, but rather a day about celebrating love…or candy hearts…but whatever, I have a weird fixation on holiday specific candy.  Well, and about making cards, but I just realized that when I moved, I did not bring my glitter and how the heck am I supposed to make a Valentines Day card without glitter???

Anyway…I have more thoughts on the subject, but this week Adam and I are posting on She Says He Says today rather than Monday in honor of Valentines Day, and I don’t want to step on my own toes.  So I’m signing off to go search for candy hearts, which I love, but only the Sweethearts Conversation Hearts…not the knock off brands.  Also not a fan of chocolate…ok this is becoming about candy, time to go…but wait…Happy Valentines Day!

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