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Business Consulting will help you with strategy, planning and problem solving, as well as develop your business skills and knowledge.

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A one-on-one 45-minute meeting over the phone or Zoom. This appointment will give you time each week to work on your business, instead of always in your business, focusing your attention on high-level work.

Assignments & accountability

Each week, you will have assignments related to the plan and strategies created for you. You will have me as your accountability partner encouraging you and pushing you to take the action steps that will get you to your goals.


Working together, we create a strategy and a plan of action specified to your business, lifestyle and goals. We focus on where you are and where you want to be and what it will take to get you there.

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Consulting Services


We will work together on time management and productivity systems to stop the overwhelm in your business. We will define your vision and mission for your life and align them to your goals. You will have me as  your accountability partner to ensure you have a plan and take action.

Business Development

Do you wish you had a trusted adviser who understood what you were going through, who was not a family member or someone involved in your business? Have you lost sight of your goals or are unsure if you’re saying yes (or no) to the right things as they come your way? 

Organization Scaling

Is your business having a growth spurt and in desperate need of the tools and systems to scale? Are you ready to build a business instead of the job you’ve created that you can never take a break from? We will work to get systems in place and get your organization to reach greatness. 


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Sierra Bailey
Business Strategist, Podcaster, Speaker, Writer

Are you a talented, tiny business owner who started off on your own because you were good at something? Perhaps you’re an amazing artist, or a CPA who is fantastic with numbers. Maybe you’re an athlete turned coach?

Well, I was once you. I began consulting after 15 years of building and running a thriving handmade jewelry business. Now that experience as not only as a business owner, but a restaurant general manager, tv host, and board member for non-profits is used to help people just like you, succeed.

The information, tools and skills that made all of that possible are now going to be given to you when we work together one-on-one. Helping you to succeed and feel like you are accomplishing the things you want to achieve are my top priority. Want to know more about my story? You’ll find it in the About section.

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