Deep Thoughts about Coloring = Exercise

Deep Thoughts about Coloring = Exercise

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As you read yesterday, I am having a partial hysterectomy today. My uterus, fallopian tubes and maybe cervix are being removed due to adenomyosis in a laparoscopic robotic assisted surgery. We scheduled the surgery 10 days ago so this week has been a whirlwind of preparation, mostly mentally as I get ready to be limited in what I can do for a bit. My number one concern is when I can work out again as it’s the best way that I deal with stress and what I know will make me feel better the quickest. Unfortunately, even though it will help my brain, my body could end up being on worse shape if I do too much too soon. Scar tissue can form on the internal incisions and I’l have to have another surgery to remove them so there is a big heavy line between what I can do and what I can’t. So far, I’ve talked to three people about this, my doctor who will perform the surgery, the nurse at my pre-op and the nurse in charge of my care at my doctors office and have been receiving more detailed and firm info with each conversation as I try and push the boundaries. The final conversation went something like this:

Sierra: So I should be walking every day for the first two weeks, right?

Nurse: Yes, but by walking we mean very slowly and easy. NO POWER WALKING.

Sierra: Well, I mean, I can work up to that.

Nurse: Ok, now I’m saying three weeks. No power walking for three weeks. When you have no more bleeding you can VERY SLOWLY increase your speed and intensity but not for at least two weeks.

Sierra: Ok, so when can I do more than that?

Nurse: Six weeks.

Sierra: Well that’s just crazy talk. I know I can’t lift weight over 10lbs for six weeks, but what about body resistance?

Nurse: Do we need to go over what happens if you over exert yourself again.

Sierra: No. I understand, I just know I’ll be going crazy and need to know when to expect I can expel the energy again. I like a good plan, it makes me feel better and I’ll calm down if I know what to expect.

Nurse: What do you normally do for exercise?

Sierra: HiiT (High intensity interval training) and Kickboxing, 5 days a week.

Nurse: Ok, you were not exaggerating about liking to workout hard. This is going to be tough for you but you’re not allowed to kickbox for six weeks. You can ask the doctor at your first check up in two weeks about when you’re clear to do body resistance workouts and more than walking. The good news is that you are in great shape, so it will make your recovery much easier and quicker!

Sierra: I’m going to loose my mind.

Nurse: I get it, I really do. I know it sounds crazy, and when my sister suggested it to me when I was out for a month, I told her to shut up. But she sent one to me anyway and it really helped! You need to get a really intricate coloring book and a pack of 50 pencils and when you feel like you’re losing it, find the most complicated page and color your heart out.

Sierra: …

Nurse: I know, I resisted it too, but it really helps!

Sierra: …

Nurse: Good luck, it will go by fast I promise…and get that coloring book!

Sierra:  (silently orders a stupid coloring book because what else can I do?????)


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