Collecting collections…

Studio Plastic Toys
my collection of rubber & plastic toys on display in the studio

The people you know who have obvious hobbies or things they are into are always the easiest to shop for.  For example, when I was married to an avid fly fisherman, everything we received had trout on it…it even influenced my business name!  Even when its not time to pick out a gift, I like those types of people, I enjoy their quicks and love to see what they collect.  I actually design for people like that…the critters are perfect for collectors, as are all of the vintage lucite, lockets, buttons, scarves and game pieces.

Japanese Fishing Ball Themed Arrangement
my collection of Japanese Fishing Balls have inspired my living room table

I tend to gather my quirky collections in subtle ways and keep them small.  I am however pretty jealous of those with massive displays of snow globes or pez dispensers.  I usually use my collected goods and have them spread out and tucked away most of the time…and never in very obvious places when they are out. I have two glass fish bowls in my studio filled with little rubber and plastic critters and army men and my living room table is adorned with a basket of what started as just Japanese fishing balls, but now include brass sea creatures and wicker balls as well.  Those are the two most obvious examples of my collections, but I kind of want to take it to the next level.

Wonder Woman Cup
Wonder Woman doing a great job holding pens in the studio

What amount makes one go from a casual collector to having the rights to really display the goods???  My sister Holly has been getting me Wonder Woman doodads for years now, she’s given have the barbie, the pez dispenser, an address book and this year a vintage 1988 Burger King Cup.  Its awesome, and I have her holding the pens I sketch jewelry designs with…a very important job…but I’m wondering if I should take this collection up a notch?  I know that technically a collection is made once you have three of something, but how much vintage Wonder Woman stuff do I need to display it together proudly?

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