Cloudy day makeover…

I think I would enjoy the kind of cloudy day when it looks like it might rain all day a whole lot more if the skies looked like this…

Teal Skies
My kind of cloudy sky

I have no idea where this is, or what is going on for that matter…it could be a nasty storm that I would prefer to avoid, but my goodness its beautiful!

I should be working on getting all of the summer goodies online for their debut on Monday (the Summer Solstice!!) but alas, I just want to lie down on the couch with a book and Faye.  I swear the second Renee left today I was lying down…only for 5 blissful minutes though.  I decided it was required dog bonding time.

Now back to work, I have photos to edit!

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  1. WOW – what a cool picture! Crazy clouds – look like waves crashing!!

    — Molly, Craft Ideas Weekly

  2. Looks like a crazy tornado or something cool.

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