Cleanliness is next to Godliness…or is it?

Cleanliness is next to Godliness…or is it?

Hello everyone Adam here,

Sierra and I have been talking about the clear differences in cleanliness between men and women.  For example I can use the same glass for days and this doesn’t bother me.  I can leave food out for hours and eat it later.  I like to wear the same clothes for days at a time.  I have no problem not taking a shower for a couple days, you know why, it’s manly and it makes me smell manly.  I smoke cigarettes.  I was born in the 70’s the Marlboro man told me that’s what men do!  If the Marlboro man wasn’t manly I don’t know who was.  When I take our dog Faye out, I don’t pick up her poop; it’s meant to be out there fertilizing the earth. When I do dishes I feel just a good hot water rinse is sufficient, don’t get me wrong sometimes soap is needed but if I just used a certain dish or glass its barely had time for germs to settle.  I have been getting trained a bit in the laundry department.  I don’t do laundry unless I have to.  More so then doing laundry its the fact that I am able to find the hamper these days.  If I were still single I’d build a month long pile of clothes in the corner of my room.  Just because said clothes are in a pile in the corner doesn’t mean you can’t still wear them.  Sometimes I like to sift through those clothes give them the smell test and possibly wear them again.  Men need to be a bit primal sometimes…it keeps us sane.  I don’t think I have ever dusted in my life, and if I were to vacuum, maybe it would happen twice a year.  I do take the garbage out but I don’t mind letting it sit in front of the door outside a day or two.  This is what Sierra has to deal with god bless her soul.

Hey all, Sierra here…

To truly appreciate the real difference Adam is referring to you, it may help to know (and to any of you who have ever been to my home or for that matter, even been on my website…this is instantly clear) that I am naturally one of the most organized people on the planet.  No joke.  I’m not a clean freak, in fact I too could let the dusting and vacuuming slide for so long that when I lived in NY, I had a cleaning lady or it would more often than not, not get done.  However…there is never one thing out of place in my house, car, computer, purse…you name it, for more than one day.  Or I freak out.  So in essence, its not that dirty laundry or an un-soaped glass would gross me out so much…it’s that these things would be in the wrong spot.

I have to laugh though…we have been slowly merging our homes over the past two months.  Adam still has his house, but all that’s in his room there is what doesn’t fit in this apartment until we move together in March.  As we have been able to ease into it, we seem to be adapting to each other pretty well.  For example: when we cook at home, no matter what, I clean the kitchen.  I actually love cleaning the kitchen, I find it immensely cathartic and honestly, if Adam did it, I might have to redo it.  Because, well you read what he said…his whole rinse theory!  I think Adam thinks he’s more of a slob than he is.  He even now admits that the keys always being in the “key spot” makes life just that much easier.    Perhaps that’s the difference between men and women.  Most men think that how they live is wrong, i.e. messy, because when they move in with a woman they try to live by that woman’s logic.  When really, manly adjustments just need to be made.  I sound about as ocd as one can get, but I made him an area to leave his clothes out for re-wearing and there’s a spot for his drinks to “rest” until he finishes them.  It’s just good sense really, a place for everything and everything in its place…well that and I make sure that soap comes into play every so often!


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