Bring on the chaos…sum it up 3/8/13
What I believe to be my namesake as we flew over them recently

Bring on the chaos…sum it up 3/8/13

What I believe to be my namesake

Today kicks off SXSW here in Austin.  It’s only my second one, but I’m noticing a pattern of rain beginning at the exact moment that SX does.  Which is a big deal as it rarely rains here.  Booooo rain!  Anyway, due to an overwhelming number of deadlines in my schedule right now, I am sitting all nice and dry in my studio wondering how my friends set up in tents are fairing…booooo rain! Oh and the photo has nothing to do with anything, I am just super proud of my photographic accomplishment on this one…I took it from the plane recently and I’m 99% its the Sierra Nevada’s…for which I was named.

WORKING ON: Making SO MUCH jewelry. For customers, for stores, for a trunk show and for an upcoming flash sale in Japan. My hands hurt and my husband wants to know if I’ll have time to see him next week.

THINKING ABOUT: The Summer line…it’s over due. I have designs in my head, some materials have already arrived and more are on the way…it’s getting there.

ANTICIPATING: Two new deals with web sites. Excited to try a new market in Japan and a collaboration with a new concept site! Vague I know, but thats really all that I know right now.

LISTENING TO: I need something new. Back to the Bird and The Bee station on Pandora and getting tired off it. Luckily I live in Austin so the next 10 days should be super inspiring music wise!

EATING: I fell off the candy wagon. My car just drove itself to Big Top, I swear. I also have eaten nothing but take out and sandwiches all week. It’s sad.

THANKFUL FOR: How much Manic Trout has been growing.  For my supporters, fans and customers…they are an amazing group!

PLANNING FOR: SXSW…I did two big shows last year and saw about 15 minutes of live music.  This year I have promised myself to not do that again!

READING: Just started Faking It by Elisa Lorello last night…I have been devouring books this month. At the end of 15 hour days, all I can do is collapse into bed and read!

WATCHING: Just watched House of Cards on Netflix.  Wow, that was a great show! Keep making shows Netflix!!

Ok back to work…my publicist just emailed me…I’m super behind on the Summer line…eeeeek!

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