Birds do it, bees do it…

Birds do it, bees do it…

But should I blog about love?  This is a dilema that I have been trying to work out recently as you may have noticed the sudden appearance of a handsome guy in a few of my blog posts…if you’re really paying attention you would have picked up my mentioning him by name from time to time over the past few months.  I never know how much to include the men in my life here in the blog.  A few names have appeared here and there, but I haven’t really ever included them much in the blog.

I however wonder if I should share more with you wonderful readers, as the blogs I love the dearest are those which do just that.  I will always remember the scene in the Howard Stern movie where he tells his wife that he feels its really important to share his life with his listeners, to let them in on all the intimate moments, as it will make them feel more connected to him…and well, I get that and feel pretty much the same way about blogging.

I am very soon leaving an area where I am in constant contact with many people who I most likely will not talk to much once I am not in Millbrook, but who tell me that they love keeping up with me on facebook and can’t wait to see what I will be doing.  It made me realize that I do have people interested in getting a little deeper into the life of Sierra, so I figure, why the heck not?

I also have a little project up my sleeve which will involve that handsome face you keep seeing…a collaborative blog if you will, which I promise I will tell you more about as I know it.

So what are your thoughts?  Do you want me to write a little deeper?

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  1. Love it 🙂

  2. My sweetie pie doesn’t like when I write about him, or he would be alll over my blog 🙂 I think people love to read more about the details though! go for it! I hope your move is going well by the way!!

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