Biblio-files: June 2013

Biblio-files: June 2013

I am often asked for book recommendations by my reader friends so I have started summing up my thoughts on the previous months stack in one tidy post. As I’ve mentioned before, I buy used books to keep costs low and it introduces me to a much broader spectrum of titles then I would probably never browse in a regular priced bookstore. It’s easy to take a risk on a book if its $2! This past month I was a bit more voracious in my reading than usual 1 per week and read 7 books, I’m still a bot surprised by this. You can look them up on Amazon or something for a summary, I only give my brief thoughts on each book.

books june 2013

1. One Day by David Nicholls
Perfect for a beach read…it was sweet, engaging and enjoyable to read. Well written, and a bit gooey on the inside.

2. The Dive From Clausen’s Pier by Ann Packer
I’ve had this one on my books to read shelf for years and years. I started it once about 10 years ago and remember it being too tragic to read at the time. This time however, I kept going and it was so good. Well written and a great story that pulls you in and keeps you there.

3. The Spare Room by Helen Garner
Not a good book to follow up the last one with. You want a good cry…give this book a whirl. It was a crazy fast read and is under 200 pages. Its dark and well written…sometimes just what you need.

4. Assholes Finish First by Tucker Max
Obviously I needed to lighten things up. I actually bought this in the airport on the way home from NY in May and jumped up and down when I bought it. I loved the first book and realized with this one that Tucker Max lives in Austin now. Want to laugh…read Tucker Max.

5. Body Surfing by Anita Shreve
Total beach read. The kind of book you don’t want to put down and feel as though you’ve slipped into the story and know the charecters. I found myself thinking about parts of the book during the day a lot while reading it. The author has had a book in Oprah’s book club if that helps you understand how she writes.

6. The Man Of My Dreams by Curtis Sittenfeld
I will read anything that Curtis Sittenfeld writes. Her books are extremely well written and her characters impeccably researched. Loved this one as much as Prep and An American Wife both of which I also recommend.

7. One Hit Wonder by Charlie Carillo
Would probably be under the charming category Dick-Lit, the male version of chick-lit. Not as engaging as some of the others this month, but a good story. A fictitious “where are they now?” in book form.

p.s. If you live in Austin and want all or some of these books, let me know, I donate them all after I read them.


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