Biblio-files for October 2013

Biblio-files for October 2013

books for october 2013

A bit late on this months biblio-files post, I somehow lost track of this time this past week and am curious how it’s already November 5th?!?! Anyway, a few days late, but better late than never…

1. Black Ice by Lorene Cary. I remember my headmaster encouraging us all to read this book when I was in prep school, but some how I never managed it. By the time my sisters attended my alma mater, it was required reading and I snagged my sisters copy a few years ago from my moms house. I however did not read it until last month, just about 20 years after I was first encouraged to read it. It was an excellent book, so good that while I was reading it, I kept thinking I was an idiot for waiting so long to read it…but at least I did. Black Ice is the memoir of Carey being one of the first women and one of the few black students to attend St. Pauls in 1972. As I went to boarding school, it was especially interesting to read her story and I loved the book.

2. This is Not Chick Lit edited by Elizabeth Merrick. If you have read any of my other biblio-files, you would know that even though I indulge every so often in a nice, fluffy chick lit, I try for the most part to avoid them. What is chick lit? Your basic (usually pink) book about a girl in her 20’s who lives in the big city, works at an entry level job while lusting after “it bags” and pining for love. There is usually a mild break down followed by a pink yourself and find love and a good job situation. Not that there is anything wrong with genre, just sometimes you want a wider plot. This book provides 18 short stories from authors such as Curtis Sittenfeld (swoon!), Aimee Bender and Caitlin Macy. It’s of course awesome…as was expected.

3. Hypocrite In A Pouffy White Dress by Susan Jane Gilman. I have had my eye on this book for years and finally got around to reading it thanks to the book swap at TxSC this year and Jess for bringing it. I laughed so hard at this book!

4. Bad Timing by Betsy Berne. A 30 something artist in NY gets all tangled up with a married man. Sounds a bit more lame than it really was, but it was a good read.

5. The Sound of No Hands Clapping by Toby Young. The memoir sequel to How To Loose Friends and Alienate People which I read and watched years ago. It is seriously amazing how much you grow to love this annoying man!!

So what have you read lately?



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