Biblio-files for May 2015

Biblio-files for May 2015

Books May 2015

When I sit down to write about the books I read the previous month, I have usually already read a few more. This makes for a great test of how good the books I’m about to review were. If I still have thoughts of them swirling in my head, that’s usually a great sign. If I have to pick up the book and read the back to recall what it was about…not so good. Let me start off with saying that I had no idea what the top two books were about. When I read their backs, I recalled quickly their story, but it was nothing that you would miss out on if you skipped them. I’m here only to tell the truth, friends.

1. Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler. It was a lovely book. A nice story. Excellent summer reading for sitting in the sun, watching the waves and enjoying in your downtime. I think I was hoping for a Secret Life of Bees or The Help. This was no where near as wonderful as those books were. Actually, thats a great point…have you read those? You really should, skip this one and go read those.

2. The Three Weissmanns of Westport by Cathleen Schine. It was just fine, but kind of boring, bordering on chick lit and not very memorable. If you come across a free copy, give it a whirl, otherwise don’t bother.

3. Lookaway, Lookaway by Wilton Barnhardt. A story about a southern family in present time. It included many strong southern women, so you know I enjoyed that. Each character had some time devoted to their back story and it got a little slow in the middle. But then like a fire cracker, it became very exciting at the end and left a great final impression.

4. Chicken by David Henry Sterry. About a young man who prostitutes himself out to women for a few months of his life. Not in a “let me do this for a story” situation, but because that was where his life led him. It’s biographical and heart wrenching. The author states in the beginning that it took him many, many years to be able to look back on that time and process it to write about, but that it needed to be done. This was a great book.

Sooo…what have you been reading? I’ve been thinking about this list from Huff Post about the 21 books from the last 5 years that every women should read and as I have only read one of them (Yay for Tina Fey!), am considering making it my mission for the summer.

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