Biblio-files for March & April 2014

Biblio-files for March & April 2014

Biblio-files March april 2014

The stack of books in my finished pile didn’t grow all that much in March, so I opted to hold off and merge the monthly Biblio-files with April. I truthfully was hoping to catch up and end up with my usual 4 books per month, but I seem to be falling asleep faster than normal these days…I blame allergies. I also blame today on allergies as I feel fuzzy. For that reason, I think it best to keep the chatter to a minimum and get right to the reviews while I can think straight.

1. Lone Star Legend by Gwendolyn Zepeda. I had read her other book, Houston, We Have A Problem a few years ago so I knew I would most enjoy this one as well, and I did. Lone Star Legend is set in Austin, and it’s always interesting to read a book set in the city in which you live. It was a good read, great for a plane or vacation. Not really fluffy, but still lit lite. Is that a thing? It should be.

2. The Girls From Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow. The first non fiction book I’ve read in a while. A story about 11 girls from Iowa and their 40 year friendship. The catch is that it is written by a man. From my own standpoint, I have been in close groups of girlfriends throughout my life, but being one of 4 sisters, they are really the group of girls I am closest with and stay in constant touch with, it funny because it’s true that they take up most of the room in my life for girl friends. Reading this book was especially interesting to see how 11 non related woman stay close for so many years. It’s written well, engaging like a story for the most part. It’s heavy, as real life is…I cried.

3. The Devil In The Junior League by Linda Francis. Another Texas based book and an engaging one at that. I four myself extremely wrapped up in it at times. Better than I thought it would be but not something I would tell you to run out and buy. More like, if its on the table next to you, sure pick it up and give it a go, but don’t make too much of an effort to read it.

4. The Yokota Officers Club by Sarah Bird. Loved it. This one should go on your list. A coming of age tale about the oldest daughter in a military family in the mid 50’s. Well written, great story. This is the one book out of the 7 on this list that you should choose.

5. Cocktails For Three by Madeline Wickham. Totally and utterly chick lit. I was skeptical as the author also writes the Shopaholic Series as Sophie Kinsella and that series is horribly written. I was curious to see if she was a better writer when not hiding behind a pen name. Maybe a tiny bit. Not worth it.

6. Skipping A Beat by Sarah Pekkanen. I found myself in a book store a couple of weeks and while walking past the half priced books saw two by this author. I had read her (I think first) book The Opposite of Me in February so I bought both immediately (which was actually a splurge compared to my normal goodwill books). I did not regret it. I was engrossed instantly and found myself mad at the characters within pages and bawling my eyes out at one point. Perhaps not a great idea to read it in public for these reasons.

7. In The Kitchen by Monica Ali. I thought I would love this book after reading the back. Eh. Not so much. I just couldn’t click with the main character, although I believe that was the point and by the end I was pretty into it. Also very surprised, but that’s all I’ll say about that.

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