Biblio-files for February 2014

Biblio-files for February 2014


I had such a chaotic month that I didn’t think I would even get through my normal four books, but I finished the last one Thursday night…just by the skin of my teeth! Which is such an odd expression btw. Anyway, with all of the traveling, new cooking schedule, crazy work hours and even house guests, I fell asleep faster than normal most nights…last night I was asleep with my book in my hand before Adam even got into bed! I enjoyed all four books though and some nights I found myself fighting to keep reading, it was a downward battle that I lost fast, but I still tried. SXSW begins in the next couple of days here in Austin, so we have more guests, days and nights filled with activities and of course, I still have work to do so I doubt this months reading will be any better…I’ll give it my best though!

1. Property Of by Alice Hoffman. Hoffmans first novel which launched her career as a major player in the literary field. A heavy read about a teenage girl and her journey through gang life. Wonderfully written, as all of Hoffmans books are…I was captivated and am still thinking about it weeks later.

2. Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner. Ah yes, the queen of chick lit shows up again. Her books are just so light and fluffy, I needed it after Hoffman. A fun book about a recluse author and her 12 year old daughter. Fun and light, just like I wanted.

3. The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen. A tale of two sisters who finally realize they are not as they assumed each were. A rather common tale. You know the kind, workaholic who it turns out is a people person and beauty who is really a genius. I promptly forgot everything about it when I finished it. Its that fluffy. I had to flip back through the pages and reread some of it to even remember it…keep that in mind.

4. Grace At Low Tide by Beth Webb Hart. ¬†About a southern family whose old money has run out and their leave from city society to South Carolina island life…not in a good way. Touching coming of age story, well written and I remember every detail still!

What have you been reading?




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