Biblio-files December 2017

Biblio-files December 2017

Another sad month for reading. I was too busy or too tired to read much. This happens every so often, but seems to be a theme this year. Next year I will make it a priority to get back to reading more. Especially business books. Not the best way to end the year, but 2018 is another fresh start!

1. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I started doing morning pages in December of 2016 based on the ideas of Cameron and talked about by Tim Ferriss. He mentioned a few times that although he did his own version of morning pages, he had never actually read Cameron’s book. And now I see why. I love morning pages. I’m obsessed with them and credit them for many great changes in my life, but I too was writing them without reading the book and could have gone without doing so. Glad I read it, don’t recommend it.

2. Onward by Howard Schultz. I loved his first book. This one not so much. I was curious to see what happened after Schultz left and then returned to Starbucks, but this one didn’t have the same flow. There were a few great parts so I’m glad I read it, but like many sequels, it didn’t measure up to the first.

3. The Vatican Princess by C.W. Gortner. Another Historical Fiction author whom I enjoy immensely, so much detail in the writing and the descriptions of life at the time are great! The family was amazingly fascinating and I found myself thinking back on them constantly, as well as noticing references to them here and there in blog posts and podcasts. I recommend it!

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