Biblio déjà vu

Biblio déjà vu

Bedside Books

It’s no secret that I read alot…I average a book a week.  I also buy my fiction at places like goodwill by the armload because I just can’t resist a stack of books for under $20.  The only problem is that when books are $.50 – $2, you tend to sometimes grab fast and ask questions later.  This sometimes results in the following internal conversation 30 pages or so into a book…”wait, have I already read this?  I think I did…although  I don’t remember the ending…or any of these details apparently as I just read 30 pages before I realized it…do I keep reading?” This time, I opted to keep going, but sometimes I toss the book on the floor with a sigh and just pick up another one from the stack.

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