Beyond the 10 for $1 Ramen
Beautiful Forbidden Rice Ramen in it's uncooked form

Beyond the 10 for $1 Ramen

Beautiful Forbidden Rice Ramen in it's uncooked form
Beautiful Forbidden Rice Ramen in it’s uncooked form

Cheap ramen noodles are the devil! No not really, I was just channeling Bobby Boucher’s mama. But anyway, the delicious ramen noodles that most of us ate copious amounts of in our late teens and early 20’s have zero nutritional value. Which is fine, they are so cheap you don’t expect them to, but they’re not something I have any interest in putting in my body in my late 30’s. My jaw is still not feeling back to normal after the whole wisdom tooth ordeal though, and the past couple of months have been filled with soft food. I’m beyond eating them all the time, but food you don’t think of as hard, such as lettuce still hurts sometimes, so every few days I really am wanting soft comfort food…that isn’t horrible for me.


I have been avoiding eating ramen since the painkillers wore off, but it seems it’s sometimes all I can think about. I however cannot justify straying from paleo AND eating such processed food. I tried to feed the craving by going to Ramen Tatsu-Ya on South Lamar one night for real ramen, but I still have been wanting it at home when my jaw hurts and nothing else sounds good. So I set out on a mission. I first searched Whole Foods for healthier alternatives and that’s where I bought these, but there is also a pretty decent selection at HEB, just not in the soup aisle, in the Asian foods section (this is where they are at WF too). I read over all of the ingredients, considered the options and decided to try two brands. The first for the “wow, that’s cool!” factor and the second because it seemed like an all natural and preservative free alternative that would be similar enough to satisfy the craving.


Ok, I’ll admit the first one was purely because I was intrigued. Forbidden Rice Ramen that is PURPLE! Made from the very nutritious forbidden rice which is organic heirloom black wheat. It’s also a gluten free version if that’s your need. My favorite part of this ramen was of course how it looked. I was obsessed with it in its block form, just beautiful! It’s a low sodium product and on its own pretty bland, but you could easily doctor it to be tastier. However, it did not fill the craving that well.


But that’s ok because Annie Chun’s Spicy Chicken Ramen did and is delicious! It takes a few more steps to cook (I prepared both on the stovetop) as you first cook the noodles…which are packaged soft! Then you prepare the broth and pour it over the drained noodles. It is a natural, preservative free, no msg alternative to the ramen we all know and love. It’s also under $2, so still a really cheap version as well! All in all, a successful mission and a tasty one.

Are there any ramen versions you love that I should I try?

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  1. I will give both a try! Anything beats the other unhealthy stuff…lol

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