Back from the Beach

Back from the Beach

SundrenchedOceanWe had a wonderful time at the beach.  It was so wonderful to see Gilly and Jav, I was so used to family being around all the time that I didn’t realize how much I would miss it!  Their plane was delayed for 10 hours getting to the island, so we stayed an extra day and it was worth getting a bit behind on work for!  I always a bit more centered after being on the ocean.

I’m still on vacation time, without work keeping me up all night and with so much to do, I switch schedules and get up much earlier than at home.  Luckily, Adam is the same way and last night we both fell asleep early and jumped out of bed this morning on the same schedule we’ve been on.  Perfect for me as I have already begun catching up on the piles of things I have to do today.

Do you adjust to a different schedule on vacation?


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