Autumn Equinox and its effect on mental states

Autumn Equinox and its effect on mental states

Chris Pratt making the best of his own mania in Esquire magazine

Summer is officially over this week. I used to be excited about this time of year, but its kind of lame in Texas as instead of trees bursting with colors, we have crazy thunderstorms and no cooler temps in sight. Even though I now expect both of these things, and accept that it is what it is, I still a feel a tug of home sickness for the north east when pinterest fills with photos of fall foliage. What is lesser know about the equinox is that it’s also a trigger for mania and panic attacks for those us that suffer from that sort of thing. I had a life changing moment the other day when I read this post on Dooce and after a bit of googling realized that the tightness and in my chest, the wanting to jump out of my skin and the overwhelming sense that something is just wrong these past few days is perfectly normal. Well, you know, “normal”. For anyone who suffers from these things, this week will be a tough one, (although perhaps not as tough as the spring equinox as thats the week that suicides are especially high). As we all were reminded from the horrible tragedy of Robin Williams death, be kind, you never know what someone is going though deep inside.

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