Art in the bedroom

Art in the bedroom

A few years ago I decided to invest in a collection of photography by various artists.  I spent a few months selecting, buying and framing prints in matching frames and filled the walls of my bedroom with them.  When I moved to my next apartment, the photos adorned that bedroom as well.  But when I moved into this apartment, I for some reason held back from hanging them again as Adam and I kept discussing moving.  However, this last week we decided to stay here for at least 6 more months (Yay, I don’t have to move my studio!!!) and the first thing I did after signing the new lease was get out the hammer!


You can see how sad the room looked (well except for my awesome drapes which you can’t see here) there was so much white!  But now, oh it’s so happy!!  When Adam moved in here a month or so ago, I made part of my bedroom into a man cave for him.  So when curating my photo collection, I made sure to put the more “manly” images in that part of the room which left bright flowers for the bed part. It actually helped create separate spaces and I’m really happy with how it all looks!




What a difference art makes!  It looks like an entirely different room and only took part of the afternoon…I can’t wait to wake up in the morning!


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