Annual Blog Makeover

Annual Blog Makeover


Ah yes, another year gone by, another blog template that no longer looks up to par.  I sat down last night on a mission. Well on a multi faceted mission. I set out to not only update the blog to make it look current, but to attempt (again) to make it a place that I actually want to write things. That last part has been a slow process. First I moved it away from Manic Trout. Then I sat and looked at it awhile, a long while. Then I wrote sporadically about things I wanted to write about, none of which I meant to write about. Then I would spend the next few weeks processing that I was writing what I wanted to be writing and yet it wasn’t what I “should” be writing as per what I said this blog was about. It’s been a hot mess.

In this most recent revamp I tried to steer it a bit more towards where I think I want to head. You can see the sections up above there in a menu. That’s basically my goal of topics to write about, the things that I enjoy writing about. Owning a business of course, but not only about that. I also really enjoy talking about books, food production, nutrition, food, exercise and everyday life, and have already been chatting about all of these things but am making it unofficially official. As I am also rather fashion obsessed, I want to bring that more into play too. We’ll see. My track record sucks right now, but I’m inspired! Keep in mind that the further back in time you look though the archives (which ps, are not all updated yet, there are soooooo many posts), the further out of the topics what I was writing goes as it’s been changing over time.

In related news, I also started a twitter account that is not tied to Manic Trout, so that’s pretty awesome. I am still on the fence about if I can handle another instagram account. Besides Manic Trout, I have a pet somewhat secret (until now) project IG that is super specific and focused solely on the random things I find in books when I buy them used. It’s called Left In Books and I only post when I come across something. But still, having two accounts overwhelms me as it is, so we’ll see if I ever decided to add a third.

Anyway, I’m not really making a big deal out of any of this. You know, in case I don’t follow through. So shhhhhhh…lets keep this quiet for now.


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