An hour of procrastination provides countless happy meals
My favorite stack of napkins, all ready to go

An hour of procrastination provides countless happy meals

Napkins to iron
When the iron is already out, you might as well iron all of the things

A week or so ago I was experiencing the need to organize and clean trifecta of pms, a few looming deadlines and nervousness regarding a job interview Adam was on.  I cleaned the bathrooms, threw in a load of laundry, fluffed the living room pillows and looked around for what else I could do to relieve nervous energy. That’s when I spied the iron still set up from Adam’s pre interview preening. While cleaning the bathroom, I remembered that the hand towels I put away over the holidays (because I have holiday towels…when did I become that person??) had not been ironed, so this was the perfect chance to zoom over them.

My favorite stack of napkins, all ready to go
My favorite stack of napkins, crisp, clean and ready to go

Then I decided that while I was at it, I should see what the linen cupboard was looking like as it had been ages since I ironed napkins. Well, let me tell you…an hour later and I had ironed all of the napkins in the cupboard. At first you may think that this was a silly wast of time, but for the next few months, every time I sit down at the table with Adam and our friends we each will have a pretty and perfectly ironed napkin at our place. One of the little delights in life that you never realize how great it is until you see it. Such a vast improvement from the wrinkly mess they were before! I’ve have been collecting the stack above for ages from Pomegranate and I love their bright colors and fun patterns.  I mix and match them when I set the table for a wonderfully whimsical look!


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  1. Come iron mine plz

  2. I love cloth napkins! Not many people use them these days. I’m going to head over to Pomegranate now to check them out. (And you are really good at ironing! Oh my gosh, I don’t even own a full-size ironing board. Things just stay wrinkled in my apartment. ;))

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