A place to lay my head

the first bed of my dreams (from Pottery Barn)

As you are well aware if you read this blog, I moved last winter due to a flood and had a major decor overhaul because of it.  I was very lucky that none of my major pieces of furniture were damaged, but between the move, the re-decoration of the bedroom and the fact that my bed is about a decade old made me want to upgrade from a full to a queen.  I however, love my headboard and am reluctant to change as I have not found one I like as much.  I currently have an upholstered vintage headboard which I love, but is alas, a full.  I was all excited to buy a new bed this past summer, and I fell in love with a new style, but then realized that it was no longer available.  I persevered however and found another I was enamored with…but sadly that sold out before I could make up my mind.

the second bed of my dreams (from West Elm)

Since then I have found nothing that I like…except that now I think that I may want to go back to really liking the upholstered look.  I’m pretty sure the problem is that I have not found a great place to look with a bunch of style options.  Perhaps I just need to see a better selection to find my dream bed.

Any one have any suggestions of styles they love or great places to shop?

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