A peek into the studio…Mermaid Parade Necklaces

A peek into the studio…Mermaid Parade Necklaces

I am in the process of creating the next editions to the Mermaid Parade Necklace line.  I figured it would be fun to include you in the process so you can appreciate the start to finish of one of my favorite designs.  As I have already done the actual designing of this piece, I can kind of jump right into the process, knowing all the steps to come.  Not as much fun as figuring out a new design, but much more productive!

Jacqueline steaming a scarf

Sadly the above scarf is too small for a Mermaid Parade Necklace, but don’t fret, I have ideas for that size too!  My assistant, Jacqueline patiently steamed the wrinkles out of the most recent batch of scarves I have procured and we then sorted them into 3 piles…

there are 3 categories of vintage scarves to turn into jewelry

The 3 categories are:

  1. Squares too small for Mermaid Parades, which is heartbreaking as this size seems to have the best patterns.
  2. Large squares (at least 32″ square) to be used for Mermaid Parades.
  3. Rectangular Scarves that I can use for Mermaid Parades, but will only make a few, so I want to use them for something else instead.

Once steamed and sorted, I selected 6 scarves I wanted to turn into necklaces next and started to work on color choices for the beads…

bowls of beads ready to turn into glittering strands

This is the hardest part by far of these necklaces, I have TONS of colors to work with and its a bit daunting deciding what will or will not work.  Sometimes I end up changing the colors after the samples are made if they don’t work all together as an actual necklace…

the 6 scarves and their corresponding beads

No that the colors are all selected, its time to get busy making the sample necklaces!

Check back soon to see the next phase…

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