A peek into the studio…Mermaid Parade Necklaces part 2

A peek into the studio…Mermaid Parade Necklaces part 2

After I promised to show you the entire creative process of the summer line, I realized that I left you hanging with the Mermaid Parade Necklaces! We last left off with the materials and colors selected to start working on samples…

The next step is my least favorite, cutting up the scarves.  Ugh, I hate this part, its better if the scarf is damaged, but really it’s stressful no matter what, as once the scarf is cut, there is no undoing it.  After much trial and error, I have found that a sharp rotary cutter works best on the scarves.  This actually is true for most thin fabrics, you are guaranteed and even, smooth line.

Once the scarf is cut up into strips, I pin them in preparation to sew them inside out on a sewing machine.  Perhaps a step that some could skip, but if I don’t pin, then I end up with crooked pieces and sides that don’t match up at the end.

The machine sewing is quick, the great thing about the tubes is that I only have to sew a straight line.  Once I had the initial sample made and had figured out what works best through trial and error, it’s easy to just follow the steps for each part.

As you can see, I work in batches…cutting up all of the scarves at once, then pinning them etc.  Especially when using a method I rarely use to make jewelry, such as sewing, its better to have the work done so I can just grab the sewn scarf when a necklace needs to be made.  If I made each scarf strip on its own, it would be too time consuming to make each one as I sold it.

After I stitch them on the machine I have to turn each one inside out and then finish off the ends.


It seems like more work then it actually is once you get going and its pretty rewarding to have a big pile of scarf strips all ready for necklaces when I’m done!  Check back soon to see the next step of creating the Mermaid Parade Necklaces!

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