A glimpse at how random inspiration can be

A glimpse at how random inspiration can be

I am deep in the design process right now.  If you’ve ever watched House and you know how he stops what he’s doing because he has suddenly figured it all out…that’s what I do when I”m in this process.  The designs build up and swirl about in my head as I start to problem solve about the look, logistics and materials and then BAM! I figure it out and have to write it down immediately.  I constantly sit straight up in bed at night, turn on the light and sketch or take notes in the notebook on my bedside table.  I do the same with the moleskin in my bag.  I have been a fiend for images both in magazine and online and I have materials spread out ALL OVER my studio right now.  It’s all happening, a new collection is coming together.

The first necklace of The Bridal Line has officially been born which means I am now starting to process what direction to go in and what has been my greatest inspiration.  So far, light bulbs seem at the top of that list.  Yes, light bulbs.  From twinkle lights to huge globes and all that falls in between, I have become obsessed with light bulbs.  I pulled together a Pinterest board today to gather all of the light bulbs images I keep grabbing online and thought it would be fun to share my favorites…











LightBulbs_11If you’re digging this source of inspiration, you will find these and amazingly enough, many more light bulbs on my Pinterest page.

p.s. if you see any great light bulbs anywhere, send a link my way!


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  1. These are all so beautiful & inspiring! I’ve been loving light bulbs recently too…I’ll definitely send you a link if I find anything neat.

    1. Thank you Connie!! I love your blog btw!

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