A cake worthy of obsession…

Rainbow Cake
Image of Whisk Kids "Super Epic Rainbow Cake"

I want to eat this cake so badly that I am pretty sure I’m going to make one tomorrow…do you see the amount of color (and SUGAR) in that bad boy???

So I was reading Hula Seventy today and saw this amazing cake that Andrea made…and read that the recipe was from this rather cool food blogger, Whisk Kid who was invited to make the cake on MARTHA!!! How cool is that?  Anyway, the more I read about this Super Epic Rainbow Cake the more obsessed I became.  I can pretty much assure you that I am going to attempt this cake tomorrow…if you’re around, you should stop over for a piece.  I have a feeling I could possible eat the whole thing if left alone with it and as there is a hilarious disclaimer with the recipe, I probably should not:

I’m adding a disclaimer here: THERE IS A LOT OF FROSTING/BUTTER IN THIS CAKE. I used a lot because I wanted the cake to be very striking visually. It is intentional. Put in less if you want. Also, I’m not forcing you to eat this entire cake by yourself, so – seriously – quit freaking out about the butter.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

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  1. Hey Mike, I LOVE her post…the image of the mix in the pan is rather stunning on its own!! I am attempting the cake tonight with my friend Shanley, which should make for a really good (and by that, I mean amusing as my adventures with Shanley always are) blog post tomorrow!!

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