5 reasons I should have blogged last week

5 reasons I should have blogged last week

You may have guessed from my post last Monday that I would be absent from the blog for a day or two, but somehow I managed to be gone for the rest of the week…oops, my bad. I was bummed about this, I really was. Bummed enough that I am both sharing my remorse and what I forget to tell you all in one tidy post of the 5 reasons I should have blogged last week.

1. I was so excited to share that Manic Trout is featured in the July issues of both InStyle Magazine and People Style Watch and they hit newstands last week. (!!)

Manic Trout Tora Disco Science Bracelet in InStyle Magazine, July 2013

Manic Trout Melis Do You Know Me Necklace in People Style Watch Magazine, July 2013

2. I wanted to talk about my desire for planting an herb garden. Good news on that though, I heard that in Texas, you can plant herbs at any time, so I may bring that up again this week instead.

3. I was having a clothing crisis. I will perhaps visit this topic at some point this week as well…we’ll call it the PTSD version of the crisis.

4. Blogging makes me happy. I talk a lot, enjoying sharing my thoughts and writing. So duh.

5. I finally made a new video and wanted to share it with you. Well, that I can still do right now…

That felt oddly cathartic getting all of that out. Ok…the week can start now. Happy Monday!

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