10 Deep thoughts from July

10 Deep thoughts from July


1. I learned that I can do outdoor markets in Austin during the summer and not die.  Athough I may also have learned that I do not want to do them ever again after this year.

2. I finally have figured out how to not give up exercise when I’m busy…give up blogging everyday instead.  Oops.

3. I actually like to teach…as long it’s to adults who are eager to learn.

4. I am infinitely lucky to be living my dream. On the flip side, dreams sometimes turn into nightmares, night terrors, wake you up crying…well, you get the idea.

5. I suck at giving myself pedicures.

6. 5pm-6pm is the worst time ever to go to any H.E.B.

7. Some of the biggest things you plan for end up being nothing while the things you think will be small potatoes end up being huge.

8. I’d rather be in a constant state of turmoil than be bored.

9. Somewhere, deep inside me, there is the ability to be patient.

10. The hotter it gets outside, the less frequent my deep thoughts.

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