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Are you a talented, tiny business owner who started off on your own because you were good at something? Perhaps your an amazing artist, or a CPA who is fantastic with numbers. Maybe you’re an athlete turned coach? 

Well, I was once you. I began consulting after 15 years of building and running a thriving handmade jewelry business. Now I take that experience as not only as a business owner, but a restaurant general manager, tv host and board member for non-profits and help people just like you, succeed.

What else makes me qualified to get you big results? The know-how to get featured in over 60 national magazines, have jewelry on prime time shows, be a guest on podcasts, national and local news programs. The knowledge to be asked to give countless talks to thousands of people, run the social media accounts of a handful of non-profits, host a live tv show, two podcasts, and have articles published in both magazines and on blogs, as well as taught workshops and classes.

The information, tools and skills that made all of that possible is now going to be given to you whether work together one on one or you are a member of the Doers Shakers Makers Network. Helping you to succeed and feel like you are accomplishing the things you want to achieve are my top priority.

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Doers Shakers Makers


Are you craving knowledge and connection? Join us in the free Doers Shakers Makers Facebook group where talented, tiny business owners and those who are entrepreneurial minded gather to have candid conversations about business, and work. If you’re in Austin, we also meetup in person monthly on the first Friday.

Business Consulting


Are you a talented, tiny business owner looking to grow, diversify revenue streams or create and implement systems to improve your productivity? Let’s get started working one-on-one, weekly, or bi-weekly to get you and your business where you want to be. Take that first action step book a session today.

Speaking & Events


Do you have an upcoming event where you would love to have a speaker with 25 years of experience who is dynamic, entertaining and filled with a myriad of business knowledge? I’d love to have a conversation about my joining your event. Find out more about the topics I am known for and my contact info by clicking below. 


What clients have said

When you are a multi-passionate person, or someone with crafty/entrepreneurial ADD – a business consultant like Sierra can be irreplaceable. I always knew I could do ALL the things, just sometimes I have trouble breaking things into bite sized pieces and remembering that everything has a season. During our time working together Sierra has been instrumental in helping me get organized about the how, when and why of all of my creative side hustles. Before meeting with Sierra my monkey mind was on 11. I still want to do ALL the things, but now I have the tools to lay out a plan and actualize all those ideas.
Jennifer Perkins
Creative Queso
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