How to wear it: the weekend getaway

What jewelry to bring for a weekend getaway

How to wear it: the weekend getaway

The smaller the trip, the more I overpack. I have no idea why I think I will need so much stuff for so little time, but I’m slowly getting better at packing both less stuff and lighter items. The biggest thing I have started to do is to wear the heaviest items en route. This usually means boots, a coat and jewelry. As a jewelry designer I usually justify packing more baubles than I need pretty easily, but I almost always am perfectly happy wearing the same pieces all weekend if I pay attention to what I pack. With just the three pieces above, I can be pretty much set for a weekend away. Statement earrings and a cocktail ring will take you out for an evening on the town as perfectly as they will add sparkle to this day time travel and exploring look. Throw on a pretty bracelet and you’re ready for anything. I would most likely pack one of my signature Critter Necklaces just in case…because I mean c’mon, it’s all about the baby steps.

Keserin Speak For Me Earrings // Lily Zsa Zsa Bling Ring in Rose Gold // Rivka Hot Like Fire Bracelet


  • Laurel M Schaefer

    Beautiful! I love it, Sierra. I, too, overpack on the sparkle and end up spending my time in just the same 2-3 versatile pieces I traveled in. Great idea about traveling in heavier items to conserve prime real estate in bags for other stuff (especially for a token from your getaway).

    PS- The jacket in your blog-post outfit is gorgeous! Will you share where you found that beauty or the designer?

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