Caribbean Queen Necklace

Wear this while looking at that

Caribbean Queen Necklace

Look at that beautiful parrot while wearing this Caribbean Queen Necklace

Rhona Insects Are all Around Us Necklace

Wear this stunning Rhona Insects Are All Around Us Necklace while gazing at that magnificent sky

Way Back Then Necklace

Look at that lovely beachy art while wearing this Leala Way Back Then Necklace

Pink Happy Pills Necklace

Wear this Pink Happy Pills Necklace while eating those delicious maracons

No One Like You Necklace

Look at that gorgeous bug while wearing this No One Like You Necklace

Slow Ride Necklace

Wear this Slow Ride Necklace while looking at that amazing sky

Most of the time I find inspiration in images when I’m designing but sometimes I see already designed jewelry in images. These statement necklaces pair pretty well with photos from pinterest, don’t they!

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