Top 5: Work Out Accessories

Top 5 Work Out Accessories: Running
Top 5 Work Out Accessories: Running

Yesterday I snapped a photo of my sneakers and IG’d that I mostly work out for the gear. This made me start thinking about what my favorite exercise gear actually is. This of course led me to want to write about it. As I run outdoors and do high impact aerobic videos indoors, I decided to run down my Top 5 for each activity…because what fun is doing something if you can’t accessorize…kidding! (not really).

Top 5 Work Out Accessories for Running Outdoors:

1. Lululemon Inspire Crop II pants. Thanks to my sister Holly who gave me my first pair for a birthday, these are now all I will run in for most of the year (until it gets cold). I love/hate her for it because they are amazing i.e. comfortable and they have this lovely behind the knee mesh which sort of helps you stay cool. BUT I now have an addiction to $98 running pants.

2. Wrist bands with reflector fabric for running at dusk, which I try to do in the summer as it’s so hot here in Texas. Also convenient for wiping sweat and snot off of your face. I throw them in the wash with the rest of the clothes that are soaked in sweat.

3. iPod Nano. Once I bought the nano, I never went back to a big ipod again for running. So perfectly tiny and can be worn in a watch band or clipped onto your clothing. I was wearing it as a watch but the cord running up my arm and the speed that I drained the battery by using the timer made me buy #4 and clip the nano to my shoulder strap.

4. A marathon watch. I bought this little Timex from Amazon for under $15. It’s perfect. It has a timer for running intervals (my favorite thing to do) and I can sweat all over it and beat it up and not feel bad. Note that I never run more than 4 miles so we can call it a “marathon” watch from here on out.

5. Asics Gel Kayano Sneakers. I discovered these about a decade ago and love them. I usually buy a new pair once a year and make them my indoor, aerobics shoe and then the pair that they replace become my outdoor running sneakers. I have had countless pairs of these and cannot recommend them enough for both activities.

Top 5 Work Out Accessories: Videos
Top 5 Work Out Accessories: Videos

Top 5 Work Out Accessories for Videos Indoors:

1. My two current favorite work out instructors are Jillian Michaels (I have 10 of hers, they are all awesome) and Kelly Coffey-Meyer (I only have 4, but all are great). Their workouts are fast, 30-45 minutes, intermediate and/or advanced and almost all full body toning. If you like high intensity, athletic style, aggressive work outs, these ladies bring it. There are no dance moves and nothing zen like about any one of their workouts (thankfully).

2. In my arsenal, I  have both foam covered weights and these hex hand weights, I prefer the hex. They have a longer hand area which is also thinner than the foam version, they just feel better in your hand. If you know you’ll sweat a lot, you may want to wear leather weight gloves with these (which are different from #3 as they lack weight…this seems more confusing than it is).

3. Weighted gloves. Filled with sand, they add weight when you’re punching the air. Especially useful with Kelly Coffey-Meyer workouts. I bought these on Amazon and made sure to get a ladies pair as my hands are small.

4. Kettlebell. This one is 10lbs and from Reebok and I think I bought it at Target. I love kettlebell workouts, they’re fun! I do get nervous sometimes that I will accidentally fling the thing through the TV, but so far no casualties.

5. As I already talked about the sneakers, this time I will mention the inserts. Every time I buy a new pair of sneakers, I swap out the insoles for Sof Sole inserts, specifically, the Althlete ones (bright blue with yellow bottoms). They make my feet happy.

June ended up being a fantastic month!
June ended up being a fantastic month!

I have one last thing to note. I have issues with keeping myself motivated to work out, especially when my schedule shifts or a time change occurs. One of my biggest motivators is to give myself a red dot on the calendar that hangs in from of my computer for each day that I work out. It feels amazing when they start to add up and the way my brain works, I want to keep adding more!

What are your favorite work out accessories?

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