‘Tis the season for twinkle lights

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with twinkle lights.  I have a pinterest board dedicated to them and designed a line of jewelry inspired by them.  I have held back from having them in the house year round so that the winter months are more magical, but Adam is encouraging of their existence, so that may change.  This week I have visited Target twice to buy more and I haven’t even trimmed the tree yet!  I’m a bit nervous to begin as I fear that this will happen…

It will start innocently enough…I’ll stand there with that first strand of lights and wonder if I should begin with the tree or the mantle.

Then I’ll be inspired to get creative…do something “fun” with the lights…look how pretty!

Once the creativity is flowing, I may start to get ambitious…covering vast areas normally not associated with twinkle light decorating.

Which will then escalate to even more bizarre placements as I get caught up in the frenzy of sparkle!!

Finally, I will go completely over board and fill the house to it’s brim, causing blackouts throughout the neighborhood from twinkle light abuse and collapse in a pile under the wonderment that I have created…possibly fueled by too much candy while I worked.

I however will get to admire an amazing installation of light while lying there on the floor, so at least I’ll have that.  Let the holidays begin!!!


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  • Barbara Gosser

    Beautiful = there will be no charges of abuse or excessive use of strings of lights. I’m impressed. My excess is orange ribbon – every size, shade, etc. I understand the obsession.

  • Elizabeth

    I love it! So much fun seeing the progress…and love your kitchen sink and stacked books. Great feel. I’m inspired and though I have a lot of pre-lit garland inside the house, I now want to find a place to use twinkle lights. I love pre-lit pathway trees, and have eight scattered around the porth, front stairs and landscaping. So pretty when it snows, like little Christmas trees.

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