The slow seasons


I can’t even count how many times I have been in the midst of busy times and said to myself “self, why on earth were you not more productive in all of these projects you keep thinking up when it was slow?? There is no time now you ninny!”.  I admit, there are certain tasks that cannot be done when business is slow, as some require sales to need them…but then there is the category of, lets call it…cool things I wish to do that are not necessary but I think would make Manic Trout a better place.   Well, as its not quite Valentines day shopping yet and due to all of this snow and a sudden blank spot in my social life, I have nothing but time on my hands right now.  So this week I have been working on a few of these projects!!

First, I cleaned out the studio a bit…but that’s just good old common sense.  Then I cleaned out the inventory…which means that there is a SALE going on!  I finally got around to putting the new labels on all of the jewelry…well, my assistant has, but its getting done!  I got around to posting the spring fashion preview on the blog and updated the press page on the website and facebook page.

I (and its about time) started to tackle the redoing of Millbrook NY Online, which I took over this past Spring and have just been patching up the holes since then.  It however needs a bit of an overhaul and I dug right in the other day!  This one will take some time, but at least I got started.

My proudest accomplishment this week was going through the Out & About photos and starting to add model images to the jewelry on the web site.  I have been putting this off FOREVER!!!  The best part of this project is that I started it to plan for the 2011 Out & About series!!  That’s right my dear friends…in a few short weeks, the first Out & About of this year will debut…and it will be AWESOME!!  Which is great on a few levels…

  1. Out & Abouts are super fun to do.
  2. I have holes to fill for model shots
  3. I am always inspired after a photo shoots

ok…back to my coffee…must go to day job for a couple of hours and then yoga…no more fun projects until after I do all of this and get today’s orders out.  Hmmm, I wonder which dream slow season project I’ll tackle next??  On deck are a database of designs in use…including materials and blueprints.  I dipped my toe in that one..talk about a HUGE project.  I’ll admit…it scares me a bit just thinking about that one.  Also up next is an online catalog/magazine of manic trout…fun!

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