The skinny dress

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  1. Julie says:

    You are an awesome inspiration ! I needed this today I’m 50 185 lbs I started weight watchers 2 weeks ago I’m down 5 lbs but am having an off week . I work night shift 3-12 hours and always use it as an excuse not to work out claiming I need sleep . But I read your blog and you inspire me I’m taking my boys on a cruise in July , Ryan is graduating high school and heading to Mass Maritime so this is our grad present to him and I don’t want to look bloated and uncomfortable .. You inspire me I dedicated my 100 sit ups to you !! Thanks lovey !!! Onward and upward !!!enjoy your very well deserved vacation

    • Yes Julie, get it!!!! I am so honored to be an inspiration!! Some days I try and talk myself out of running up until I go. Even being someone who has exercised regularly for many years, I will have months where I can’t do it, but it always…ALWAYS makes me feel better. High fives to making the moves to reach your goals, woo hoooo!!!

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