The evolution: Trimming the fat

Tatiana, Holly & Lauren
Tatiana, Holly & Lauren Rocking Manic Trout

First of all, thank you all for the tweets and emails about the re branding!  Its incredibly meaningful and encouraging to know that I not only have your support, but that you’re excited to hear about the process!!

I have recently started what I am calling simply: Trimming the fat. No, I am not talking about cooking, I am talking about getting rid of any thing that does not fit in with the direction I want to grow.

I started by removing scads of jewelry I felt were outdated, and maybe a bit young for the brand as is stands now.  Which meant redoing the line sheets and calling back samples from press. (ps…a few samples are available at a deep discount here!)

I then did something that I have been wanting to do for a long time now but was a bit nervous about…I removed the paintings from the website.  To get to the next level with Manic Trout, I need to focus on what that as a brand come to stand for…and that is jewelry.

The next step is another act that makes me a bit nervous…remove any connection to craft.  I’m scared to even write those words here, as I may get screamed at by my peers…but the cord is being cut.  What does this mean?  Well, goodbye Etsy for one and two…thinking more in terms of creating in collections and following the calender of fashion rather then randomly designing pieces and putting them online. This stage makes me truly feel I am growing up, and that its time to focus on the business as much as the design aspect to really push myself to the next level.

At the moment I kind of want to throw up…its incredibly scary to be leaving behind such a large part of Manic Trout and at the same time so exciting to think of how far it can go…there are no ceilings in the world of Manic Trout!


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