• Goals

    Helping Houston and Coastal Texas after Hurricane Harvey

    Yesterday Adam and I were incredibly gung ho to drive to Houston to help. After we made our initial plans, I started researching specifically where supplies were needed to be dropped off. I spent all day pouring through articles and websites and this is what I found out: 1. The number one thing that is being put out there is for people to NOT drive towards Houston. For obvious safety reasons as although today the rain is finally letting up, there are still rising flood waters. So many roads are damaged that even if they have opened, too much traffic will make them worse. They are also trying to get…

  • Fun


    The past 10 days have been jam packed with activities. We had two waves of house guests as well as logging in a good amount of hours with friends. Due to the schedules that Adam and I both keep these days, it was a bit outside of our norm and made it feel as though we were the ones on vacation! This also explains my absence from blogging for the past week…when I did get into the studio it was pretty quick and focused on getting orders out the door. I spent more time doing laundry (so many sheets, blankets and towels!) than I did in the studio last week, ha! I oddly took…

  • Fun

    Playing hooky

    We’re in the last few days of June, summer is officially here and it’s hot in Texas. It’s also about to be my slowest month of the year with Manic Trout. So when Adam begged that at 4pm today, I take a break for a few hours and go to Twin Falls, which part of the Green Belt here in Austin, I didn’t have to think that hard about it. It’s been rare that he has had a sunny day off with all the rain we’ve been having, so we both jumped at the chance to go for a swim with friends.  I’m so happy we did as it was a…

  • At Lenoir in a polka dor strapless dress.
    Deep Thoughts

    Deep Thoughts From The Past Week

    1. Peeping through windows in fences is fun! It also prompts lots of poses…I should really peep though more fence windows. 2. I really like having short hair in theory. But in practice, I didn’t like it 90% of the time as for me it was much more high maintenance than really long hair is. I think this is due to my fine curly hair…it need attention to look good short.  3. The bond that you have with people you attended boarding school with is like no other. 4. Volunteering does for my heart what exercise does for my head. I have been figuring out what to do next for too long since stepping down…

  • Mammatus Clouds over South Austin, May 25, 2015
    Deep Thoughts

    Deep thoughts

    1. The deepest thought recently is still about what I do here on this blog. I’m getting there…but I still think about it more than I write here, obviously. 2. I have lived in this house for almost 2 years. The entire time, there has been a whole foods less than 5 miles away and I never went in it. Last week I remembered that you can buy prepared food there. Now I have been there 3 times in less than one week. 3. You know in instagram, when you click on the search and select photos…well tonight my feed was almost all photos of watermelon. What is that all about??…

  • A feast of meat at La Barbecue

    Guy food

    Next week Adam is headed off to begin training for his new job and will be in Miami for 2 months followed by a month in Vegas. If it were anyone else, they would be sent to North Dakota or something, but no, Adam will be in fabulous locations where he can golf on weekends. This is his last week at his current job so we’ll have a few days to have a few romantic dinners and true date nights before he goes, but this week seems to be a celebration of all of his favorite foods. I have not been participating in all of these meals, but due to his excitement over…

  • Ping Pong at South Austin Trailer Park & Eatery

    We celebrated the end of summer with tacos and ping pong.

    This past Sunday, I was responsible for choosing the lunch for visiting family. There would be at least 10-16 of us, it was their last day in Texas and they were meeting up with us after walking around on South Congress. I decided that as they had not yet enjoyed the pleasure of dining at a food truck in Austin this trip, or had tacos for that matter, that the South Austin Trailer Park & Eatery was the place to go. My beloved Torchy’s Tacos are there, as well as shaded tables and ping pong for Adam and the boys when they become restless during the pre eating family catch up chit chat that…

  • With Willie Nelson in Austin
    Deep Thoughts

    Top 10 things that I say now that I’m a Texan

    To celebrate three years living in Austin, Texas, I have made a list of how it has influenced the things I say, some of which make me laugh they seem so foreign coming out of my mouth! 1. “Oh thank goodness, its cooled down!” – Said while seeing that the temps would only reach 95 that day. 2. “I’ll just grab a taco from a truck on the way there” – because you can do this anywhere in Austin, and they’re all delicious. 3. “Is that [restaurant, house, store, etc] North? Then I can meet you there between 1pm and 3pm or after 8pm.” – Traffic is horrendous in Austin. If you…

  • Le Barbecue, Austin TX

    The best Barbecue in Austin

    As I live in the city that everyone is currently obsessed with, I am often asked a lot of things about living in Austin. One of the most asked questions is where to get the best barbecue. This is a valid question as Austin has such incredible options in this category and that the top 5 places constantly appear on the food network, shows like Jimmy Kimmel and are frequented by celebrities, famous chefs and even Obama on his last trip through town. Fun fact, Obama is the only person who has ever been allowed to cut the line at Franklins. Anyway, I personally, hold my allegiance to La Barbecue. Since I was first…

  • Texas Capitol building in Austin

    Jury Duty

      Ah, those two dreaded words. I have been dreading jury duty since the day I received the letter 2 months ago. As the week approached I began having daily panic attacks about it occurring the week that both the Spring Collection was due to debut and that I was starting with a second showroom. This basically meant that my normal work days would escalate to pretty crazy, and the idea that I would possibly have to be sitting in a court room for eight of them made me freak out. Yesterday I was so stressed that I was basically a seething mess. My blood pressure escalated with this mornings…