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    Bathroom Selfies Vol. II

    I enjoyed pulling together Vol. I of bathroom selfies so much that I’m back with another 6 months worth! Well…6 months of the photos that I remembered taking anyway. I don’t think there any in August as I was packing, moving, unpacking, taking a quick trip to south Texas and then had major surgery, so that’s understandable. Besides that though, I have realized that 90% of the time I either don’t use the bathroom while I’m out and about, forget to take a photo or don’t have my bag in the bathroom with me. When I’m on a roll, I do them all the time, but then I forget and forget and…

  • Bathroom: Shake Shack on South Lamar, Austin TX. December 22, 2015

    Bathroom Selfies Vol. I

    Last winter I started taking phone photos of myself in bathrooms around Austin. The first one was due to matching the bathroom. The second, because I looked cute in my out-on-the-town outfit. Some were to remember how beautiful the bathrooms were. Some were to mark the occasion. Over 6 months, there were only 10 shots taken, so by no means have I done this is every bathroom I’ve been in, but mainly because I didn’t know what to do with the photos yet. Last week, I finally started an IG account separate from Manic Trout and it’s given me the freedom to post things like Bathroom Selfies. So I hope to continue…

  • Alcomar Patio in Austin, TX
    Confidence,  Deep Thoughts

    The power of girl talk

    I was planning on writing a Deep Thoughts post today, as it’s been awhile, but then my first thought became so long, that I decided it was worth some more brain space. You see today had not one, but two situations where I was with awesome ladies whom I see at least once a month for some girl time. The first was Cynthia who came to the studio this morning so we could work together and plan out her accessories for an upcoming conference. We’ve been talking about doing this for some time and decided it would be best to bring the dresses. It was a great plan and worked really well, so…

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    Ice cream is my new best friend

    A side effect of the whole wisdom tooth debacle is that even when the advil is casting its pain managing web, and although the swelling has mostly gone down, the right side of my mouth is still sore. As you can imagine, certain foods just feel better to eat. Ice cream/frozen yogurt is the obvious choice and as its warming up here in Austin, a delightful one on many levels. The combination of my recent chocolate cravings and my usual fav tart/super sugary flavors not doing well with where I accidentally bit my swollen cheeks, I have had two amazing desserts this week that are so not what I normally go for that…

  • Our program from dinner at Barley Swine.

    Top 5 Happy Moments This Week

    The minute I created a blog just for Manic Trout, I knew I would end up neglecting this space too often. So even though it’s the holiday madness, I wanted to share a few things that have made me smile this week…because, well, when you are in the midst of chaos, it really is the little things. 1. Adam is home for the week before he heads off to Chicago and then Las Vegas for work, we’ve been cramming in as many things as possible as we see other once a month right now. This basically means that we have been eating all of his favorite foods both at home and…

  • Manic Trout Bling Rings

    A few of my favorite things from this week

    It been a short week, thanks to the flu. I realized today that this past weekend kicked off the busy season. In week #1 of the busy season, I was the guest designer at a couple of events and ended up sick. Not a good start. Hopefully the next three months will continue on a bit smoother and involve less germs. Fingers crossed. Anyway, even with the first half of the week being offline, I still managed to find a few things that tickled my fancy. What was your favorite thing you read/heard/saw this week? 1. At this point, only the camera is holding me back from jumping the iphone…

  • two pumpkins and some mums.

    My top 5 favorite things from this week

    1. My mother in law, Gretchen visited last week and while at Whole Foods asked if we wanted a few pumpkins and a mum. I said sure, we’d love them! And the preceded to feel overly proud of myself for the seasonal decor outside the front door. 2. Curious about the next big thing on the dessert scene in Austin? Three of my favorite eateries are on the list, yum! Read more here. 3. Have you seen the 73 Questions videos? I adore the interview of Anna Wintour. Watch it here. 4. As a women in my late 30’s who is childless, I have noticed that those of us in this…

  • A feast of meat at La Barbecue

    Guy food

    Next week Adam is headed off to begin training for his new job and will be in Miami for 2 months followed by a month in Vegas. If it were anyone else, they would be sent to North Dakota or something, but no, Adam will be in fabulous locations where he can golf on weekends. This is his last week at his current job so we’ll have a few days to have a few romantic dinners and true date nights before he goes, but this week seems to be a celebration of all of his favorite foods. I have not been participating in all of these meals, but due to his excitement over…

  • Manic Trout FW14 Collection

    A few of my favorite things from this week

    Ahhhhhh, Friday. Really, there is no meaning in the last day of the week for me as I tend to work on weekends too but whateves, its a good day to share what excited me around the web this week! 1. Exciting news for those of us in South Austin, a Pizza and Bake Shop by the group who brought Uchi and Uchiko to Austin is opening soon, and next to it is a new Craft Beer and Coffee Shop…Stouthaus Coffee. Yay for us!! 2. Speaking of awesome things in Austin, this fall both Weezer AND The Black Keys (my favorite!) are coming!!! 3. This quote makes me happy as…

  • Home Slice Pizza in Austin, TX

    I ate pizza, and survived

    I hate being one of “those” people at restaurants. You know the type, the please avoid all ingredients because of my weird eating habits people. Allergies are one thing, odd diets are another. Since going paleo, I basically avoid restaurants. This pains me because I love food. But I respect great chefs too much to be a pain in the ass about my new eating habits, so I do my best to avoid most fine dining establishments and choose places to meet friends where I know I can be picky without drawing attention to myself. I also eat before I go out a lot. Besides the avoiding of restaurants, the only other…