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    Top 5 Things Right Now

    There are always things that I am gushing about to everyone who will listen. Some may call it obsessing but I think it’s just nice to let everyone know about things that have impacted my life. Well besides telling everyone I see, I enjoy rounding them up here as a great way to further spread the word. It’s also nice to keep keep track of my current obsessions because it’s always amusing/interesting to look back on these and what stuck! 1. Bullet Journals. I first became intrigued this winter when I posted about planners and more than one person spoke up and said they were trying this method out. Then…

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    Planner People

    With many things in life, there are two types of people. In this case I’m talking about planner people vs non planner people. In what I’m about to write about, you can even break it down further to paper planner people vs digital planner people. I am a paper planner person, I am also, as of a few years ago, a printable paper planner person. This means that I felt that there was no planner out there that had the exact components I wanted in a planner, so I now print bits and pieces from a few different designs and make my own awesome planner. If you meet a fellow paper planner person, you quickly…

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    DIY Planner Perfection

    We all know I have an obsession with calendars, but for the most part my addiction to planners has been pretty minimal. Mostly because I just gave up on finding what I wanted, and I’d settle dfor what is available. Really I think this is the entire reason for being so into calendars…but maybe not. They may end up being two separate and intense loves. Last week I was chatting with Renee about the quest for the perfect planner and how I gave up. Renee on the other hand has been diligently searching and searching for years, and refuses to give up…I’m in awe of her perseverance. It made me…