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    Inspiration: Vogue Russia, April 2016

    I swear, every time I see a photo taken by Ellen von Unwerth, I immediately want to make things. She inspires me so. I spied her recent layout in Vogue Russia, April 2016 and was instantly smitten. Photography: Ellen von Unwerth Styled by: Ekaterina Mukhina Hair: Alexandry Costa Makeup: William Bartel Model: Hollie May Saker

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    What’s your support system?

    I have at different times in the life of Manic Trout, hired all sorts of people to help grow the business grow.  From holiday help to assistants to interns to publicists, I have delegated on many levels.  When I still was in the day job phase, a great deal of help was necessary as my own time to give was limited, although the last “day” job I had only took up one and half week days, it still took me out of the studio an average of 40 hours a week.  So you it was necessary to have help.  When I moved to Texas I obviously was not physically near…

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    Dose of Inspiration: 8.29.12

    Lets chat for a sec about the power of a photograph.  I saw this photo on pinterest yesterday and gasped.  I actually just sat there staring at it for a few minutes, which is amazing in itself as I move fast online, especially when I’m scrolling through images.  I repinned.  I contemplated stoping work for 2 hours to watch Marie Antoinette.  Later that night I dm’d the photo to a photographer friend of mine as we were discussing French pastry concepts and he gasped.  He too wanted to go watch Marie Antoinette.  We may or may not have planned some sort of shoot largely in part due to seeing this…

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    Today I have a date with photoshop

    An obvious part of launching a new line of jewelry is photographing each piece to put on the website, make line sheets and pitch to the press. I do all of my own product photography here in the studio, which I did Friday afternoon and evening. My product shots include photos of the jewelry flat on a white surface and on a mannequin. A couple of years ago I figured out my current way of  shooting in the studio for the white backdrop shots, but I’m always tweaking the mannequin shots. I currently am dragging it outside from 6-7 pm when the sun has become more diffused. Taking the photos…

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    Daily Muse: 6.2.11

    In addition to the list of Architecture blogs that I have been devouring each week, I have added a few contemporary art blogs to my reader.  Its amazing to be able to see the volume of work being created around the globe.  Technology is doing amazing things for getting work seen and I am loving every minute of it.  I feel more and more inspired each and every day and I can manage to get it done without having to leave my studio every day for a field trip! image from pinterest

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    Photo day in the studio

    I didn’t realize how much jewelry I have designed that needed to be photographed until I started getting it all out today!  Much of it is for 2011 such as the Peacock Blue Bling Rings, a new bracelet design and a new collection of critter necklaces.  But don’t you fret…there are goodies coming out next week as well…just in time for the holidays!  Oh, so exciting!! Sadly, the journey to the web site has just begun and I have a few weeks of work before they get to you, but the new goodies are scheduled to land on November 23rd! (make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter on the…

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    It’s like magic for product photography…

    Last Summer I went to the Time Out NY offices to be photographed and interviewed while making a Button Ring for their How To column.  It was fun to be interviewed in person, when so often its through email or on the phone these days, and I had a great time goofing around with Rachel and Roxana during the shoot.  I also realized that you should NEVER walk around Manhattan all day in the summer months and then be photographed for a magazine without putting some effort into how you look…but thats for an entirely different post! The point of this post is that I discovered a great secret for…