• Fun

    It’s finally feeling like fall!

    The last two days have been finally feeling like fall here in Austin…I am wearing a SWEATER!!  I was a bit sad when we came back from the cool temps of Colorado last week and it was down right hot here.  I also got sick…which is now not so bad as the weather plummeted to 50 and I’m sure I would have ended up sick anyway.  At least this way I’m already halfway over it.  and rambling.  So anyway…I’m all excited about fall and sweaters, slippers…blankets on the couch and Thea texts me a photo of her front yard covered in snow.  Which was when I realized that I never…

  • Fun

    My week in pictures…

    Thanks to the iphone, I have been snapping more photos more frequently…here are some shots from the last couple of weeks… Adam and Faye have fallen in love. Balloons being filled up and dancing on the ceiling while waiting to decorate the dining room. I will dearly miss my porch and the tree right next to it making me feel as though I am sitting in a tree house when out there. A pile of charms waiting to be drilled for necklaces. The beautiful driveway to Tamarack.  This too will be missed.

  • Deep Thoughts

    Roads through woods

    I was just going through my folder of blog images and was struck suddenly by the thought that in a few weeks, I will no longer drive through the woods on a daily basis.  Not to say that I live in a particularly wooded area…the above image reminds me more of what its like up in my dads literal neck of the woods in NH, but still.  Its things like driving down a picturesque dirt road though basically a forest to get to work everyday and meandering through the village late at night with random deer sprinting out in front of us that I’ll miss. My mom would more often…

  • Fun

    Daily Muse: 5.12.11

    The apartment before the one I live in now was only one block away, but there is a world of difference in what is found outside.  I am now smack dab in the middle of the village and instead of a yard, I have what I think of as a tree house porch.  It’s awesome, but I miss the fantastic gardens and trees that bloomed lush blossoms all spring in my old yard.  I lived there for 4 years and every year would obsessively crawl around the trees taking photos of the flowers as they appeared.  It was so lovely.

  • Goals

    The slow seasons

    I can’t even count how many times I have been in the midst of busy times and said to myself “self, why on earth were you not more productive in all of these projects you keep thinking up when it was slow?? There is no time now you ninny!”.  I admit, there are certain tasks that cannot be done when business is slow, as some require sales to need them…but then there is the category of, lets call it…cool things I wish to do that are not necessary but I think would make Manic Trout a better place.   Well, as its not quite Valentines day shopping yet and due to…