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    Top 5 Things Right Now

    There are always things that I am gushing about to everyone who will listen. Some may call it obsessing but I think it’s just nice to let everyone know about things that have impacted my life. Well besides telling everyone I see, I enjoy rounding them up here as a great way to further spread the word. It’s also nice to keep keep track of my current obsessions because it’s always amusing/interesting to look back on these and what stuck! 1. Bullet Journals. I first became intrigued this winter when I posted about planners and more than one person spoke up and said they were trying this method out. Then…

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    Finding the time for what we love

    I have mentioned before about stolen time, and how I declared that when I wanted to find the time to read more, I did. Today I wanted to elaborate on that and explain how I did it and what inspired me. It started when this past winter, I asked myself why I felt that taking the time to do my favorite thing, read, felt like such a guilty pleasure. My entire life, I have read before bed. But oddly, anything more than that felt like I was not being productive, which is weird as reading is much more productive than for example, watching TV. It became obvious that I needed to both give myself permission…

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    Deep Thoughts

    Deep Thoughts on Hobbies

    I often muse on when exactly I stopped wanting to do any hobby that involved making things. It was most likely not long after I went from Manic Trout being a “jobby” to a job. Whenever I start thinking about this, it leads to a bunch of deep thoughts. Today I’ve decided to write these down as I ponder this subject. 1. I could be assuming wrong, but I would think that most of us want to have hobbies which stimulate different areas of the brain than what we spend much time at work on. Which is why makers do not often want to make as a hobby and grad…