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    Top 5 Things Right Now

    1. Coffee. This is a love affair that has been going strong for decades, but it’s in a sweet spot right now. It took me most of the year to get used to drinking it black, but I finally stopped missing the sweet taste of sugar. Speaking of which, I’m just shy off 11 months without candy or sugar. How crazy is that??? 2. Shameless. I finally got around to watching the US version and love it. Not the most uplifting of shows, but I was hooked after about two episodes. I’m pretty excited that I’m still watching season 6 and there is one currently on Showtime. 3. Queso. This is…

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    Top 5 Favorite Things Right Now

    I enjoyed my Top 5 Favorite Things so much a few weeks ago, that I have decided to do it again. That’s the beauty of having your own blog after all, you share whatever you want. 1. Jelly hair elastics. I have been using these for a few years and feel that it is my duty as a person with fine long hair who is athletic to bring these up. These things do. not. move. You can jump up and down, run for miles, punch and kick shit and get soaked with sweat and your ponytail will be right where you left it. They are not the easiest to remove…

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    Collecting Cookbooks

    Last year I got into coobooks. The whole paleo thing inspired me to pick up the books of a few of my favorite bloggers and I was so happy with them that I have tried to keep an eye out for any that looked good. For lack of a better description, I’d say that for the most part, I cook “foodie light”. I love food and eat out at great restaurants pretty often, so to counter all the eating out, when I’m home I tend to make meals on the lighter side. I however am into food production sources and ingredients that perhaps the normal “light” eater would not use. Nor…

  • Goals

    The skinny dress

    Last fall, I was not feeling or looking my best and decided to make a change. Although I ate really healthy (including eating all of my daily fruits and veggies) and exercised, it no longer was enough to maintain and my weight had crept up. At the same time, my good friend Luke was changing careers to make his love fitness a full time job. I worked with him for a month from September to October and I learned that I could push myself much harder without dying and that as I have been aging, that I needed to add more cardio. Besides fitness, we were chatting about food one day and…

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    30 Minute Black Bean Soup

    I love soup in the winter, especially big batches of it that I can easily reheat for lunch. The past month we have had a black bean soup in heavy rotation that I completely forgot I used to make all the time. I had perfected the recipe years ago and was delighted that it really was as quick and easy to make as I remembered. It tasted better then my memory allowed though and that is why I have made it so often. It really does take about 30 minutes, and is soooo tasty! Black Bean Soup Serves 4 1 t kosher salt 1/2 t fresh ground black pepper 1/4…

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    Pro Tip: Fro-yo

    I jokingly posted on a photo I took of my Shack Burger on Instagram a few weeks ago “Pro-Tip: ask for xtra pickles on the side” and I realized I was onto something. As I not only love food, I have personally been in the food industry AND many, many of my friends are in restaurant management or chefs. This all means that I not only know my way around a restaurant, but talk about food All. The. Time. As we have already established, on Wednesdays we talk about food. So now, on some Wednesdays, I will share Pro Tips with you. This week it’s all about the Fro Yo! I…

  • Goals

    Top 5 Snacks that are sort of guilt free.

      Are you a snacker? I find that eating every four hours works best for me so I usually eat three meals and a snack each day. I have never been much of a snack food eater, so I don’t stock the pantry  with things like chips and crackers but that doesn’t mean I avoid all snacks. The above photo is of my ultimate weakness, peanut butter filled pretzels. These are the HEB brand and are available both in the chip aisle and in the bulk foods aisle. I prefer to buy them in the bulk aisle so I only buy a handful as I have no self control. They…

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    Current Inspiration

    I’ll have to admit that the only thing that my current favorite inspiration images are inspiring me to do, is enjoy everyone’s favorite summer treat…ice cream. Although the beauty of mu current obsession is that it is not restricted to the dairy delight, but to all frozen treats, including this fantastic idea of making watermelon pops! Looking to expand your frozen intake this summer, check out my Frozen Bliss pinterest board and see what inspires you!

  • At Lenoir in a polka dor strapless dress.
    Deep Thoughts

    Deep Thoughts From The Past Week

    1. Peeping through windows in fences is fun! It also prompts lots of poses…I should really peep though more fence windows. 2. I really like having short hair in theory. But in practice, I didn’t like it 90% of the time as for me it was much more high maintenance than really long hair is. I think this is due to my fine curly hair…it need attention to look good short.  3. The bond that you have with people you attended boarding school with is like no other. 4. Volunteering does for my heart what exercise does for my head. I have been figuring out what to do next for too long since stepping down…

  • Salads

    Salad Season

    As soon as the weather starts heating up, I seem unable to eat hot food at home. I crave the occasional ramen, but for the most part, I am eating salads. This is a pretty loose terms that means mostly raw veggies and a protein. So maybe I should say “salads”. For the most part, I start with a bed of greens…in the past I was almost always reaching for baby spinach, but this summer I have been favoring green leaf lettuce. I then add handfuls of colorful raw veggies, sometimes a fruit such as mango or strawberries and every so often olives, nuts, seeds, pickles or capers. I add a protein and…