• A happy Bird of Paradise plant in it's new basket.

    Top 5 Favorite Things Right Now

    I was inspired to make this list by John and Sherry from their Young House Love podcast. They end each week with what they have been loving lately and it always make me think about what I am loving too. As I usually get excited about what they love, I thought that you may appreciate my favs too…so here we go: 1. Command Strips in brushed nickel for bathrooms. You guys…hooks for the shower that match the fixtures and don’t fall down!! I started with 4 but once I discovered how amazing these were, added 2 more. Who knew I needed 6 hooks in the shower?? What hangs on these hooks…

  • Organizing

    June 2016

    Yesterday I was organizing the piles on my desk since moving in last week and almost fell over when I realized it was already July 13th. Then I looked at my last blog post and I was even more shocked that June seemed to have not existed at all, woah. As I’m sure you assumed, the busier real life is, the less on is on the internet. June was for sure one of those times. It’s all pretty much a blur but there was a week in NY with my family, finding and closing on a house and a week of really intense packing. I may have missed the boat…

  • Goals

    Holiday decorating…I’m starting to get why

    Besides the obvious reasons…for the kids, festive spirit, keeping up with the Joneses…I am starting to understand the deeper desire behind holiday decorating. We are in our third year living in our current house and I am so bored with it. The layout is a tough one with odd walls, excessive doors in the rooms and a large open living space. I realized yesterday that I have swapped the dining room table out with the extra one we have stored in our garage multiple times, rearranged the guest room and studio at least 4 times each and added new furniture, cloths, lamps and what nots in every space I could. I…

  • Goals

    Which Whale?

    I’m having a decor dilemma at the moment and I need input. For about 14 months I have been lusting after this large whale for the stone wall in the living room. I have’t pulled the trigger yet because I can’t decide on what color to order. There are 28 possible options, all slightly distressed on wood, and I have it down to 4. Well, 3 really, I don’t think I like the grey. I posted the straight on shot on IG, but then made another mock up for a second round with my mom and sisters and confused myself all over again.  The whale is 48″ long by 14″ tall…

  • Apparel tags

    Taking your closet to the next level

    Being a wearer of dresses and skirts, I find that keeping track of the dry cleaning/laundry cycle is a bit of a dilemma. Especially as I work from home and therefore will often wear a dress for only a two hour period and then back on the hanger it goes. This is due to my having a bunch of skirts that are my “studio skirts” that I wear with plain white t’s when in the studio as when I make rings, the wire has been known to attack my arms and clothes as it flies around in the wrapping process. Anyway, I have a system with the skirts that whatever I have…

  • Our beautiful porch

    Spring planting project progress

    When we moved into our house in the middle of last July, one of our favorite parts was the yard and the side deck, complete with built in benches and pergola. There also was already a growing herb garden and a little rock filled area for our grill.  By late July, summer has been in full effect for months here in Austin, and all of the garden and patio things have left the stores, but I made a promise to myself that in the spring, I would be ready. It has taken me a few years to get used to such an early schedule for gardening here compared to the…

  • Goals

    House plants for the black thumb

    I’ve never had much luck with plants. I keep trying, but it’s a one step forward, two steps back kind of thing. I recently had a great run with a succulent that lasted for about two and a half years, and although I haven’t given up completely, it’s kind of sad at the moment. I have had it in three houses though and it was thriving at this one until I hung curtains, and then it was pretty fast downward spiral. I however am currently driven by the euphoric 18 month success with my corn tree that I bought thinking it was fake and an aloe plant that I never thought…

  • Deep Thoughts

    Deep thoughts from the past week

    1. You only find the item you have been looking for over the past 5 months in Home Goods when you go in just to quickly browse, with no agenda what so ever. 2. After viewing Dexter, CSI: Miami, Burn Notice and of course, Miami Vice I have decided that I never want to spend any length of time in that apparent murder capital of the world. 3. Apparently, I have been feeding my dog about 8 times the amount of she should be eating. This and Adam feeding her ice cream and cookies is why she is on a diet. The minuscule amount of food the vet has set…

  • My favorite stack of napkins, all ready to go

    An hour of procrastination provides countless happy meals

    A week or so ago I was experiencing the need to organize and clean trifecta of pms, a few looming deadlines and nervousness regarding a job interview Adam was on.  I cleaned the bathrooms, threw in a load of laundry, fluffed the living room pillows and looked around for what else I could do to relieve nervous energy. That’s when I spied the iron still set up from Adam’s pre interview preening. While cleaning the bathroom, I remembered that the hand towels I put away over the holidays (because I have holiday towels…when did I become that person??) had not been ironed, so this was the perfect chance to zoom…

  • 6 cases of movies condensed to 5 boxes

    Solving the dvd storage dilemma

    For many years (and before Netflix), instead of paying a cable bill each month, I bought used dvds of tv shows and movies. I re-watch every thing tons of times, and as they were used and therefore relativly cheap, I amassed a huge collection. This is great for building a stellar media library, but horrible when it comes to finding what you want to watch. Every time I moved, I rearranged furniture and storage methods hoping that I had finally found a system that could attractively hold everything and still allow me to find what I was looking for. Every time I came up with a big fat failure. When…