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    I have a painting studio again!!

    For those of you that have know me for years and years, can you imagine coming into my home and not seeing a painting studio somewhere? Ever since I had my first apartment out of college (and away from campus studio space), I have a had a huge easel set up and a room to paint in. Well not always it’s own room, in one apartment, I made my kitchen the studio. But as I painted way more than I cooked at that time, it made sense. But when I moved to Texas 6 years ago, I had to use a shipping pod to move my stuff so that everything…

  • carrie bradshaw apartment floor plan

    A love affair with floor plans

    When I was about 10, my childhood bff and I used to draw floor plans as a hobby and paint them with water colors. I had an entire binder of these plans and they included awesome details such as diving boards off of 2nd floor balconies into massive pools below. Years later when I was in Architecture school I was introduced to the reality of what a floor plan really involved and no longer thought they were so fun (cross sections of oak trees can suck it!). And then I saw the work of Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde . He creates intricate and beautiful drawings of the dwellings of tv show characters. From…