Surfacing from the depths of moving

Whew…it’s been quite the month! Exactly one month ago, we made the decision to move and here I sit today, in my new studio in the new house, finally finding time to write a blog post. After the furniture was delivered on Sunday night, I worked like a mad woman getting us settled. I still have yet to hang art on the walls, the laundry room has become a catch all of kitchen stuff I’m not sure where to put and the garage needs to be organized but we are all moved in!  Enjoy the poor mans version of a panoramic of the living room below…


There are a few cords that I still need to tack down around the mantle, our wedding feet have yet to be hung and a few bits and pieces may be added or removed…but it’s feeling just like home. I’m enjoying the coziness of the room at night when I finally take a break from unpacking, decorating and working in the studio that thankfully came together late Tuesday night.


We’re loving the house so far, the only complaint is that my studio shrank a bit. Otherwise, it suits us perfectly. Faye is in heaven with a thick carpet in the living room and master bedroom…that dog, she understands comfort.

LivingRoomJuly_25_2013_03I am loving having a driveway and a garage and all three of us adore the back yard and two porches (one the designated ping pong porch). Looking forward to having friends over and that I live so close to so many of them of now. I’ll post more photos as I hang the art and finish it all up this weekend. Until then I am on pins and needles waiting to hear back regarding a business thing. How vague was that??? Ha! Cross your fingers for me…if it goes through, I’ll tell you about it next week…


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