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Starting the week with a…meh.

Sketchbook pages
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I obnoxiously love Mondays, I love the fresh start and new beginnings that I feel each week with them. However, I am not always a stick of dynamite right out of the gate either. The past few days have been rough sleep wise, my issues with actually falling asleep coupled with Adams addiction to GTA V which has escalated to a new level now that he can play it online. I thought the worst was behind me once he won the thing last week, but now that he can play with friends all over the country he has been staying up until 5 am every night, yelling at the tv. After the first two nights he finally got the message to stop yelling, but when he comes to bed two hours after I have fallen asleep, I wake up all over again. My only saving grace is that after months of dreaming I was doing so (seriously, I was going for a nightly run in my dreams…perhaps a way for my sub conscious to relive stress?), I have started running again and its both helping with stress and sleeping, so its not as bad as it could be. I have been sleeping way later then I’d like though and all of this combined with allergies and a change in my work out routine has left me exhausted and blah.┬áThe good news is that the word on the street is that Adam will be returning to our normal nighttime routine and I’m already feeling the switch from exhaustion from exercise to exhilaration from exercise. Woo hoo!

sketchbook pages
More pages from Sketchbooks past

In other news, I’m going to play bingo tonight in a place adorned with a ginormous pink gorilla!

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