New branding at Manic Trout.

Spring Cleaning: blog edition

New branding at Manic Trout.
The spring cleaning continues!

You know how you sometimes put things off until the breaking point, and then you have a big mess to deal with? Yeah, that happened this weekend with the blog. It started innocently enough, I swear. As Adam and I such slackers with She Says, He Says, I decided it was time to make it a column of Her Daily Muse and get rid of the stand alone blog. In doing so, I made a phone call to tech support to make sure I redirected the domain correctly and inquired why this blog had been so slow. Well, as it turns out, it was due to my being on a really old hosting plan. This is the problem with having a tech based company. If you just move along without keeping up the latest and greatest, you end up being a clunky dinosaur…which the blog had become. So I began migrating to a new hosting method…and then all hell broke loose. Ugh, it was a major pain in the ass, but after 3 intense days, I only lost a few photos and posts, mostly from 2007-2011 so not so bad. Its worth the faster speed and the safe feeling that I don’t have to worry about being out of date for at least a year.  It also motivated me to get back to blogging…partly due to a new spiffed up theme and partly because why go through all of this work to not blog?

With all of the changes going on with Manic Trout, I kind of picked up and abandoned this space. Manic Trout has it’s own blog now and I haven’t been quickly getting the hang of what to do here. Going though the posts from the past 9 years was actually a great way to get me back on track and thinking about what I want to write about. And that’s the main reason that I want to keep Her Daily Muse going, I enjoy writing. So we’ll see how it goes. In the mean time, it’s so fresh and new here! Ahhh, new branding, new collection, new blog…it feels good!

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