Pour homme

Back row L to R: Ralph Lauren Polo Black, Joop! Homme, Ralph Lauren Romance for Men. Front row L to R: Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black, Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense
Back row L to R: Ralph Lauren Polo Black, Joop! Homme, Ralph Lauren Romance for Men.
Front row L to R: Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black, Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense

For years and years I have worn mens cologne instead of perfume. It all started in high school with a spray of Joop! Homme from my boyfriends dads bathroom…one spritz and I was sold. The full switch however was slow to happen over the next 10 years. With every scent clean out though, the scales began tip in the other direction. It at first was innocent enough with just two mens scents and three for the ladies and then I smelled the male version of Ralph Lauren Romance that I wore daily and decided to mix a spritz of each for a few months until I abandoned the feminine version all together.  I knew I was on the road to testosterone land though when the tally jumped to 5 to 2 after the day I was wearing Polo Black and did a double take when I smelled the new Polo Double Black on a friend of mine…it was exactly what I was wearing, but yummier!  When I went to order it online, I was a bit taken aback by it’s description…”It’s a dark, woody experience that pulsates with a purely masculine sophistication.”,  but I knew we were a match made in scent heaven, so I embraced my purely masculine sophistication and ordered me the biggest bottle. By last year I found myself with only one perfume left…Prada Intense Deluxe…and then I found myself in front of the Prada mens selections and even through I still held onto the pretty bottle of  perfume with the atomizer, it just no longer had the same allure.

That I wear mens scents usually created a bit of a “wait, what?” when I would find myself with a new suitor. The confusion that the woman standing in front of them dressed in quite the feminine manor and who designed jewelry for a living, smelled like a guy? Then for a split second you would see the panic flash in their faces of being turned on by mens cologne before they realized that it suits me perfectly so who cares who its marketed for. Adam at first had issues with my making sure that we wore different scents…because, well, that would be a bit weird if we walked around wearing the same cologne. Luckily though, I go towards the warm and spicy and Adam is more the fougere type.

Anyway…I realized this morning that since moving, I had not seen any of these scents and that they were oops, still wrapped among the scarves in my closet. Upon getting them out, I quickly discovered that the pretty atomizer which I had not swapped out for the cap as I had intended to move them across town and immediately unpack, had leaked. As in, the remainder of the bottle was no longer in the bottle. Thank goodness I had it packed in a baggy with just one other bottle, because WOW. As soon as that baggie opened, the entire house smells like it was doused in Prada Intense Deluxe. Lets just say that I think this just sealed the deal and has made me over the lady scents. Ugh. It’s pretty potent in here right now. There are notes of unfortunately patchouli in the mix, which although not that strong when wearing it, have in the leaking process has taken over a bit. It’s like I’m at a very fancy dead show.


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