Pineapple Whip

Pineapple Whip for the win

Pineapple Whip
I almost forgot to take a photo, and it was pretty warm in the house that night, so pardon the melty look

I am a big fan of ending my night with fruit. Its fills my belly just enough so that I’m not eating too much close to going to sleep but am not going to bed hungry and is sweet enough to count as dessert. Who does’t want to end their day with dessert!?! 90% of the time this means a fuji apple with almond butter and honey. Sometimes it’s red or black grapes and when its really hot out, frozen blueberries with a little sugar and almond milk. As its already started hitting the 90s here in Austin and it’s only April (I am terrified of this summer) I have been looking for a paleo friendly, second option for hot weather. My obsession recently with pineapples (I believe that they are the next big thing and it’s starting to look like I’m right) led me to a ton of recipes for Pineapple Whip aka Dole Whip (that’s some genius branding right there). I was intrigued and made it for a group of my girl friends the other night. Wowza, it was good and crazy simple and fast to make, pineapple whip for the win!

Pineapple Whip
Serves 4
6.5  – 7 cups frozen pineapple chunks (Many recipes suggested cutting up a fresh pineapple into chunks and freezing it, but I hate cutting pineapples, so I bought 2 bags of the frozen organic variety from Central Market)
1 cup Almond Milk (I actually combined almond and coconut milks to be more tropical)
1 tbsp Honey (I used local and organic although many recipes call for Manuka honey, but I am not that fancy)

Stick everything into a Vitamix or similar badd ass blender and vroom vroom…it’s done.
Want to make it look all awesome? Once blended, pour into a zip lock bag, cut off one corner and pipe into your bowl in a swirly manner.
Leftovers can be frozen for later. If you’re a smoothie maker, freeze the extra in ice cube trays and you can add them in to your next smoothie!

Have you had this frozen delight? I hear its a Disney staple and has quite the obsessive fan base. Pineapples not your thing? What is your go-to hot weather treat?

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